60th Anniversary survey

Fellow Sirs

President Dill has asked me to create a survey to find out how our membership regards a 60th Anniversary celebration. If you think we should have one, should it focus on activities (eg golf, bowling, bocce, hiking, bridge etc), a cruise, or something else?  Your answers will be confidential though I do ask for your name and branch! The only use for such data is to prevent you from receiving several reminder emails, probably 3 or 4 until the response rate is over 60%.

For convenience I’m using a training site I’m in the process of building as the host for this survey.

Please contact me at sirstatesecretary@gmail.com with your comments or questions, but please be aware I am traveling and will not be home until Wednesday 13 July. I have my laptop with me and will try to answer promptly.

The survey start is immediately below my signature

Thank You

Derek Southern
State Secretary