Preparing for a Branch visit

What should Area Governors and regional Directors know about a branch, prior to attending its BEC meeting?
  • Review  Form 27 particularly, re 3 yr. membership trend, % attendance, guest-to-member conversion rate, branch goals, current year trend toward goals, etc.
  • Review Form 28 to check cash viability
  • Does Branch have its full quota of HLM’s, found in the State Roster.
  • Contact names/phone no’s./email addresses, found in the State Roster.
  • List of Branches in his Area and other Areas in differing formats, found in the State Roster on charts toward the end of the Roster.
  • Branch website if any, found on initial SIRinc website page.
  • Newsletter review, found on the branch website. Request BS to send a copy if the branch has no website.
  • Main branch activities and no. of activities, found in the newsletters or elsewhere on the branch website.
  • Membership trends, found under “Branch Membership Counts” on State website.
  • More membership trends, found under Membership Statistics/Actives Last Few Years (yearly from 1988 to the present) on State website
  • Membership and membership trends, found under “Branch Data Sheets” on State website..
  • Charter date of the branch, including whether a significant anniversary year is coming up, found under Branch Data Sheets on State website.
  • Luncheon meeting locations over time, found under Branch Data Sheets on State website.
  • Confirmation whether the branch was assigned a closed branch’s number in the past which affects long term membership trend data, found under Branch Data Sheets on State website.